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Orange County

Bill And Dave's Landscape Maintenance inc. In Perris


We are a full service landscape company that specializes in lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, sports field maintenance. In todays economy many companies come into a contract with the mindset of maintaining a property with a cheap price and low on quality. Not concerned with relationship and a long term commitment  they maintain there work with a high turn over, Moving on to the next customer they are only looking at the bottom line.  Here at Bill and Dave's we feel that if we are priced fairly for our management skills and are in good communication with our client, we can maintain a long working relationship.  We are high on detail and are concerned with overall appearance of your property. It's our desire to make your job easier by allowing us to take your concerns and make them ours.

​​​​Bill and Dave's Landscape  was established in 1984 in the city of Santa Ana. What started as a small landscape project at moms house at the age of 18 became a successful business. With hard work, vision, big dreams and learning from failures we found a formula for success. We then began to lay down the foundation to which we began to build upon. It started with commitment, attention to detail, and a desire to communicate with our clients. Today after 32 years in the landscape Industry we can boast of having built relationships with our clients for the past 25 years. Not many landscape companies can boast of long term relationships such as this. Today after 32 years in the landscape Industry we serve Orange and Riverside County.  Presently we maintain over 100 commercial accounts. Which includes cities such as  Perris and Yucaipa.